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Newspaper Articles

*"Affinity between Theatres: Comparisons, Parallels, and Common Elements between the Two Performing Traditions." KATHIMERINI, ATHENS, Weekly Supplement, Sunday, December 29, 1996. translated into Greek as "Συγγένειες στο θέατρο: συγκρίσεις, παραλληλίες και κοινά στοιχεία στις δύο θεατρικές παραδόσεις" Καθημερινή, Επτά Ημέρες, Κυριακή 29 Δεκεμβρίου..
*"A Requiem for Toilers in Foreign Lands." Times of India, Edit page, 4-2-97
*"West Versus the Rest is the New Cold War Rhetoric."Times of India, Edit page, 23-4-97
*"Reinstate Art in Modern Education." Times of India , Edit page, 20-6-97
*"Of High Flying Swamis and Sensual Sanyasis" Times of India , Edit page, 22-9-97
*"When Amphitheatres come to Life , Ancient Greek Theatre in Modern Times" Pioneer, Delhi, Art Page (FULL), 26-6-97
*"Committee Sans Commitment" Pioneer, (Second Opinion), 11-7-97
*"Real Estates False Premises" Pioneer, (Second Opinion), 31-7-97
*"Castigate Divide not Jain Report" Pioneer, (Second Opinion), 10-12-97
*"The Great White Hope" Pioneer , (Second Opinion) , 20/1/98
*"Greece and India: Evolving Ties" Pioneer , World Report, page 8 , 24/1/98
*"This is not the Secularism We had Opted For" Pioneer , (Second Opinion) , 27/3/98
*"Their Only Clue is License Plate" Pioneer , (Second Opinion) , 13/4/98
*"Age -Related Problem " Pioneer , (Second Opinion) , 26/5/98
*"The Frigid Face of a Language" , Pioneer (Second Opinion), 8/6/98
*"Shadow Boxing on Ayodhya", Pioneer (Second Opinion), 19/6/98
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*"Institutionalized Medievalism, Entrenchment of Caste" Indian Express, Edit Page, 9-9-97.
*"A National Crisis of Faith, After Five Decades of Regression." Indian Express, Edit Page, 18-12-97.
*"Oh for a Whiff of Fresh Air, National Suffocation and Senility" Indian Express, Edit Page, 13-1-98.
*"Lame Duck Legislators: Dangers of Vote Bank Politics" Indian Express, Edit Page, 9-2-98.
*"Dangers of Tokenism : A Bellicose Return" Indian Express, Edit Page, 13.3.98
*"Who's Afraid of Sanskrit : Living Outside Heritage " Indian Express, Edit Page , 20.11.98
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*"Ethnicity, a Ploy to Create Puppet Nations" ASIAN AGE , 18.5.99
*"Sonia Gandhi: Return of the Native " ASIAN AGE, 3.6.99

Articles you can find online

* An overview of Indian Music
* Indo-European Beliefs in Classical Greek and Indian Drama
* Who's Afraid of Sanskrit?
* An Introduction to Indian Music
* What is Ethnic?
* Somjit Dasgupta - Preserving the Heritage of his Teacher
* Evolution of the Rabab and the Jori
* Origins of the Swastika - Article for purchase
* Religious plurality in education (in the book " Globalization & identity: cultural diversity, religion, and citizenship" by Majid Teranian & B. Jeannie Lum, ed.)
*Peace as Theatrical Experience (in the book "Culture of Peace" Edited by Baidyanath Saraswati - 1999, xvii+262pp. ISBN 81-246-0124-0)
*Review of JORI: Percussion Instruments Vol I ( CD audio by Bhai Baldeep Singh - Anad Records Pvt Ltd. Delhi)
*Indian Diaspora
* Conflict between legistlators and judiciary Article for purchase.
* Indian Aesthetics - Present Day Problems
* Feeding the Gods
* Review of the book "Restructuring Pakistan: A Global Perspective" By Major General Vinod Saighal Manas Publications. New Delhi. 2002

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