Bharat Gupt

Books already published

Dramatic Concepts Greek and Indian (first published in 1994, reprinted 1996 and 2006)

Natyashastra, Chapter 28: Ancient Scales of Indian Music (1996) [translation into English]

Literary Criticism and Theory (Greek), Twelve Greek Poems into Hindi Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi (2001)

India: A Cultural Decline or Revival? (2008)

Books work in progress (as of 2010)

(1) Natyasastra, Chapter 17: A Critique of Theatrical Polyglossia,
(2) Natyasastra Chapters 29-36, Trans. into Hindi,
(3) Dibbuk Ki Prem Katha, a translation into Hindi of Anskey's Dibbuk.
(4) Modern Greek Productions of Ancient Greek Plays
(5) Co-Editor for the Edition of the Sanksrit-English- Greek Dictionary of Dimitrios Galanos, the 18th century Greek Indologist.

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